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real estate bankers get mortgagesReal estate business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce is all about taking local professional connections online for seamless communication, collaboration and commerce. Delivering service using online tools is how you retain and attract new clients theses days. Today, you need to be easy to find, easy to buy from and easy to do business. To grow your business – you must get online and be where the business is. Bizdrive, a turnkey serviceplace, provides the marketing and biz tools a real estate profession needs to connect online and increase their revenues.

The real estate industry is a strong eco system, or network, of professional service providers. From the lead flow, to the deal continuum, it is who you know and what you know that helps you win new business and deliver great value to clients. If you are not connecting online with your local professional network, you are out of the deal flow. If you aren’t easy, fast and organized to deal with, you might not get the deal. Bizdrive tools help you deliver better service in less time by creating private, direct connections for information exchange with clients and service providers.

Bizdrive tools help you get online for biz and connect to your professional and social networks to deliver a highly differentiated professional service experience. Click to setup your biz online. Link to professional and social networks for referrals. Prosper with easy marketing, networking and professional service delivery collaboration tools.

3 ways to prosper with Bizdrive tools:

1. Marketing:

Promote your service and biz online to social and biz contacts on local websites, in emails and newsletters, in print ads and web ads, to creates links back to your biz page.

Some professionals view marketing as crass or unsavory but the web has turned professional marketing into an info exchange featuring expertise, rather than flash and sizzle.

Prospects and associates, clients and contacts alike are researching online and making offline decisions. You must be the professional real estate industry solution they find, locally. Big firms spend on sizzle, small firms and professionals have to be the steak, the intellectual leaders online, to win. Bizdrive tools web banners and links that you use to put your business in the deal flow and drive traffic back to your new interactive, e-commerce biz service page.

Marketing tools are automatically generated based on the business content you enter. You only ever need to enter your business info once – but can update your content and add more – anytime. Your service inventory becomes you banner and text advertisements. Create a group or block post and includes link back to your biz site to increase business. Biz coupons and cross-promotions with your biz network help you deliver easy value. Bizdrive automagically creates a e-commerce biz page that features your expertise and experience and enables contacts to quickly request a quote or get a call back from you.

Bizdrive tools get you found online. Your biz page is search engine optimized so people searching for professionals in your area will find you.

2. Networking:

Connect with you biz network online and deliver real value through your eco system to your clients and your network. Stay connected to retain the relationship, collaborate effortlessly and prosper in the deal flow. Bizdrive has easy, automated tools to connect you with your network. Your biz network automatically appear on your biz network page once they are setup on Bizdrive.

  1. Brokers and Realtors
  2. Associations
  3. Appraisers
  4. Commercial Real Estate
  5. Construction Companies
  6. Property Managers and Service Providers
  7. Residential Home Service Providers
  8. Realtors

Real Estate Brokers and sales companies can bring their REALTORS and their local home services sellers online fast.

90% of people are online now. Local online communities are sprouting up everywhere.

Social media is changing how people connect. If a real estate company is not online to connect to recruit, serve and promote, its chances of growth and success are limited.

Bizdrive provides real estate companies with a technical platform for marketing and serving the community and its REALTORS. Bizdrive’s Marketspace platform helps a real estate company differentiate itself from the competition – and stand out in the market.

Bizdrive provides the company with a branded microsite featuring an agent directory and a directory of local recommended businesses and service providers. The service providers offer deals and coupons, provide quotes and custom orders, and provide service updates online to the company’s customers. Customers can book appointments with agents and learn of their service offers. Leads flow bi-directionally between REALTORS and service providers and deals flow straight to and from the customers.
Agents and local businesses serve themselves and manage their own online marketing and service. The company gets high-powered banner marketing tools and a branded set of web pages for the office, the agents, and the businesses that are recommended in the
community. The turnkey platform and service solution is ready to go and instantly begins to deliver value.

Companies also benefit from the recruiting, retention, marketing, advertising and networking tools included on Companies and Brokers can earn referral rewards on services sold through their related network.
Bizdrive takes care of everything from customizing the Bizpage and Biz network pages to match the companies site, to loading data, automating invitations and running training webinars. Brokers and companies simple need to decide to grow their business online and help their REALTORS sell more.

steps 1-3

Associations deliver more value to Members when they use to drive opportunities and growth. Bizdrive helps Associations deliver Member to Member sales programs, vendor procurement savings, local promotions and Association business networking. Even committee work between volunteers and Association staff is simplified and enhanced using Bizdrive’s Gigs – a simple collaboration tool ideal for task updating and group progress.

Bizdrive takes care of everything from customizing the Bizpage and Biz network pages to match the Association site, to loading opt-in Member data, automating network invitations and running training webinars. Association staff, Executives and Member companies simple need to decide to start now, be different and deliver better service to their community. Associations can earn referral rewards on sales within their networks. – LAST 4 sections

Contact Melinda Leider, National Association Accounts Manager for more information : — click here to have Melinda get back to you with more information.

All aspects of real estate industry business is moving online. Being found online, and easy to connect with, enhances the Appraiser’s access to deal flow and referrals. An enhanced reputation, combined with better service tools and a strong connection to a vibrant biz network ensures an Appraiser will increase their business and retain their relationships. Bizdrive helps connects Appraisers to other professionals in the real estate industry and other related industries that refer appraisal business.

Appraisals are prepared for mortgage lending purposes, tax assessments and appeals of assessments, negotiation between buyers and sellers, government acquisition of private property for public use, business mergers or dissolutions, and lease negotiations. They are usually required whenever real property is sold, mortgaged, taxed, insured, or developed. As such, an Appraiser has a broad professional network of other companies that refer business to the Appraiser. Their business and professional networks spans Finance, Government, Real Estate Companies, Law Firms and Insurance.

Real estate Appraisers use Bizdrive to connect to REALTORS and other professionals in the real estate industry. Appraisers connect for referrals with Banker, Lawyers, Engineers, Renovators and Insurance companies to grow their business. provides all the tools to connect, cross-promote and serve network referrals and new customers.

Appraisers are well suited to provide ‘thought leadership’ articles and insights to earn attention and attract a bigger biz network online. Biz tools help the Appraiser market themselves in online professional journals, directories, blogs and groups, where prospects congregate.

Appraiser’s should create a biz network, a biz page and a coupon for their service and marketing it using email and by registering in online professional directories and google places to get to best low cost marketing exposure using Bizdrive tools.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents use Bizdrive to connect with their professional and referral networks. Connect for referrals with Banker, Lawyers, Engineers, Renovators, Appraisers, REALTORS, Movers, Leasing Agents and Insurance companies. provides all the tools to connect, cross-promote and serve network referrals and new customers.

  • International network
  • Commercial service providers
  • Professional service providers
  • Long deals
  • Removal of conditions
  • Leasing and financing options

Contact Harry DeLeeuw, CIPS, CCIM – Commercial and Appraisal Sectors – for more information : — click here to have Harry get back to you with more information.

A small construction project typically has 15 or 16 suppliers who provide various forms of ‘labour’

Today, quote requests and bids are done manually, contracts and tasks are management with a combination of project management tools and accounting systems – but rarely are connected to suppliers or customers, so project reporting and transaction reporting are disconnected and manual. Change orders and contract reconciliation happens often on a project and is communicated manually.

Bizdrive serviceplace facilitates local construction services procurement efficiencies with tools for buying from small service providers, including an RFP system with vendor self-service, and project based progress reporting.

Bizdrive helps construction companies buy sub-contractor services better and serve clients better.

General Contractors and Design Builders use Bizdrive to manage the interactions with their suppliers.

  • Builders specify the project, milestones, tasks and deliverables they need, using Bizdrives project system called Gigs, a collaborative environment shared between the builder and the supplier
  • Suppliers bid directly on the project task and specify their pricing and materials
  • At the completion of the competitive process, the selected vendor is contracted, their service offer ‘purchased’ through the bizdrive system and their work progress tracked online
  • Sellers are added as resources on the tasks and update their progress directly into the system, with time and date stamps and details later used for billing reconciliation
  • Sellers interim billings and progress reports are generated with one button from the Gigs system to use in conjunction with the Builder’s own systems

At the completion of the suppliers work project, the Builder accepts the work and providers feedback and rating.

Once the Construction Customer accepts the final work product or phase and pays their interim bill, Bizdrive’s payment distribution system can distribute payments or payment details

Setting up a Biz Network for eProcurement is simple and fast

  • Construction company customizes 2 paragraphs of text for an email invitation and registration page and invites their preferred suppliers to sign-up on Bizdrive.
  • When sellers register, they appear on the companies Biz Network page automatically, ready to provide quotes and bid on requests for proposals
  • Sellers are encouraged to provide coupons or deals to win more business from the construction company
  • Contracts are awarded and project work tasks are updated online.

Sub-contractors are paid as per the agreement with the company

See the Construction Industry ROSTER for a list of businesses who can bid on projects in your area. Invite your own service providers or begin a new relationship with other local suppliers.

eProcurement saves money and time, captures operational efficiencies and delivers real audit and control advantages. Using Bizdrive and the biz network tools helps to connect property managers and local service providers. Property managers requests quotes from new and related local companies. Suitable supplier is awarded a contract and provides frequently task updates until the work is complete.

Property managers can further extend that value to tenants by providing a eProcurement list of approved vendors and eConcierge service providers.

It is easy to setup a small service provider directory for a property. Service providers simple create their business listing, include the service they provide and start bidding on work as it comes up. Service providers may bid on deals and if awarded, sell and deliver their services. Property manager can track service work and pay for services when the work is done.

Big builders and small properties benefit from eProcurement tools. Invited service providers instantly appear on an eProcurement biz network page so managers can buy with ease.

Property manager networks include these types of business:

  • Building engineers
  • Painters
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Heating and cooling companies
  • Common area rugs and maps
  • Elevator companies

… and many more.

Check out the property managers ROSTER and see property and building service providers.

Realtors and home service sellers basically use Bizdrive the same way- with the exception that Realtors don’t do financial transactions on Bizdrive. Home service sellers accept bookings, orders and payments for their work through Realtors connect customers to sellers through their Biz network page and also with emails about coupons for home services. Both Realtors and home service sellers use all the marketing, advertising and service gig tools to serve customers. Realtors promote their home service network- and their home service network promotes the Realtor- by sending out email cross-promotions to their VIP contacts online. (MORE… link to main sell-real-estate site page) – copy info from that page for : networking graphic and list of businesses – service_network_tiff

  • Be found by local home-owners
  • Be included in quotation requests
  • Be recommended by customers and the community
  • Sell services to other communities
  • Increase new and repeat sales
  • Align with other local service providers
  • Dominate the DIY and home service marketplace, online and offline
  • Win more renovation jobs from new customers
  • Retain and delight existing customers
  • Enhance service to customers and supplier network,
  • Enhance local and localized marketing efforts
How to increase referrals using Bizdrive with your biz network

Bizdrive’s biz network provides a perfect and easy tool to create regular, high value communications with customers and increased your referrals.

Prospect and past clients need help at various stages of home ownership and deals from your biz network can save them money at each stage. Whether they are buying, selling, owning or have rent tenants, they need services to help them with their house from time to time and sometimes, very regularly or seasonal. Bizdrive tools let Realtors promote deals and coupons from their biz network to their customers and track the effectiveness of the promotions and the service providers with automated tracking tools.

3. Differentiate Your Business

Join and deliver a different, better service. Be easy and fast to deal with. Be online. Deliver better service. Win more business. Retain more clients. Earn more referrals.

If you are prepared, organized and proactive, you are easy and fast to deal with. Bizdrive project tools help you prepare for and deliver service, in a highly organized method that provides instant info and updates to your clients.

Today – your professional service delivery methodology is composed of the tasks you do each time you deliver a service. Perhaps, you do this informally. You may customize the tasks for the job, but you repeat the basic necessary steps each time you deliver the service.

On Bizdrive – your service inventory and your service gigs are two parts of the same sales process and feature the same tasks. Client’s select your service from your inventory. Clients request a quote for your services, pre-pay in escrow and you provide them with a customized service gig and price.* Clients order your service gig online, and automatically get linked with you to do a service project. Order and gigs includes the invoicing and when the work is complete, payment is processed.

Bizdrive ‘gig’ projects let you create your service method template, then copy and modify it for each client. You projects can include all the basic information clients should have and need from you so they have proactive and self-serve access. As you work through the tasks, your updates as instantly provided to your clients, helping you deliver unparalleled service transparency and communications.

Basic Gig Task Samples

Each professional in the real estate industry has a different method of service and different tasks. Each deal also has related forms, files and information that is shared or collected. Most deals are date sensitive. Bizdrive tools faciliate all ‘unique’ types of service and file sharing and calendar sharing keeps everyone on the same page for key deadlines. Different professionals did different biz tasks, such as:

  • Banker – Mortgage Financing: credit check, property appraisal, conditions, escrow, legal, agent
  • Commercial Realtor – Listing: Title, appraisal, income, lease, zoning, plans, Bank contact
  • General Contractor – Property Improvement: Banker, plans, Architect, trades, professionals, permits, project plan
How to use Gigs to win business

Gigs help you say what you will do, when, and how you will communicate and collaborate with your customers. Create a comprehensive service offer with lots of clear tasks and wow your prospects with how you will serve them better, online, in a seamless and easy way. Your service is one click away for your clients.

Offer existing and new customers a different and better method of getting your important services, easily

  • Specify the tasks you deliver to complete the work, share lots of info
  • Show and schedule the tasks to specific dates if possible and note related dependencies the customer is responsible for
  • Do frequent and valuable progress updates the minute you complete the work, through your smartphone
  • Proactively provide information the customer will want and need, including all contact, contract, policy, processes and forms
  • You and the customer can both post updates, files and task progress info and all entries are time and date stamped for easy audit
  • When work is complete, client feedback and ratings help you shine and you can schedule another gig for ongoing support and connection

* Pre-payment using escrow and paypal assures payment. Sellers may extend private payment terms and forego use of the payment processing. Leveraging Bizdrive’s payment assurance process provides grievance and remedy resolution for those that use the service to ensure they are paid.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Bizdrive network. Once you build your profile, please explore Bizdrive and take a moment to check out all of our features.

To help you get online effectively, check out these helpful startup and learning tools:

  • Webinars – get an overview of how you can use bizdrive to retain your and grow your
  • Easy Guides – a micro site that walks you through the setup of your biz and your services
  • Test Drive – try 7 different campaigns using easy bizdrive tools and see how the serviceplace works for your business before you subscribe.
  • Extension – check out all the ways you can extend your current marketing efforts just by adding links to your biz profile site

To get the most out of the network, please follow these tips:

  • Ensure that you have a photo and logo on your profile.
  • Fully answer the profile and portfolio questions, add several basic services and put your schedule on your calendar to be available to receive quote requests and appear in the ROSTER. This will help other members find and network with you.
  • Share a with your friends and colleagues.
  • See how you can extend the value of your current marketing efforts by adding your bizdrive links to connect offline and online efforts.

Thank you for joining the Bizdrive network and welcome to the serviceplace.

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