Bizdrive is ideal for any small business that sells local services.

Bizdrive provides a complete and easy online business solution for a small businesses. Bizdrive include 50 integrated biz tools. Tools include everything you need to learn how to setup and get selling and all the tools you need to market, sell, advertise, network and deliver services.

We have a B2B2C audience focus β€” because our focus is on small businesses who provide services β€” and they provide services to both consumers and businesses, and buy and sell with each other.

Bizdrive is designed to be easy to buy from β€” whether you are a consumer buying yard care or a large construction firm procuring labour services from tradesmen after a structured RFP on our system.

It’s easy to sell from, too. Whether you are a dog walker, accountant, engineer, or construction services firm with 10 trades people whose time and services are begin sold and managed through the business.